Relevant Link Building

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Relevant Links

Do Links need to be relevant?

This is the type of question we are asked all of the time.  The simple answer is that there is no answer. Some experts say No and look for quantity while others say YES and believe that quality relevant links are better for Search Engine Optimisation.

So what do we think? the answer to this lies in the title of this website. We believe that relevant links carry much more wieight when the search engines are ranking your website.

It is our belief that Search Engines reward websites that are optimised with humans in mind. lets face it a website about dogs is not going to recommend (and link to) a website about religion; however; they probably would recommend a website about poodles.

So I need to get lots of relevant links?

The first thing to remember which is very important, all your back links need to look natural. If the search engine sees you get 1000 links in a day and then nothing for the next 3 months they are going to know youbought 1000 links to improve your ranking. If they see 10 links per day fromlots of different relevant sites they will see this as natural. In time you will move up the search engine rankings and after 3 months you will have the same 1000 links but will be much higher in the rankings.

I think everyone knows the story about the tortoise and the hare, slow and constant has better results than quick and fast.

How do I get relevant links?

There are many ways to obtain links which are natural. our aimis to explain the differnt methods that work. As we explained earlier there are many differnet opinions,and no difinitive answer,but we try to explain ways to improve your website ranking by using relevant links. Use the menu on the left to find out moreinformation.